Clan History!

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Clan History!

Post by Buddha on Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:43 pm

Hellspawn's Army -=[HSA]=-

Hellspawn's Army -=[HSA]=- is not only a gaming clan, but it is a family that has been gaming together since 2003.  
The original members (Aldius, Doughboy, Buddha, Mormegil, Capt. Havoc, Mookster, Scorpio, and Natas, and Molson) met on a server owned and operated by Aldius, and Ranhead. After clicking, were a small group originally who regularly plain the -{A}-Anarchists clan.  This clan was huge and split up in so many ways we decided to go out on our own. When -=[HSA]=- started the  This was all around 2003.  Eventually we started recruiting and pulled in some pretty badass new members. Would have much rather been on a team with these guys than compete against them in ladder play.  We were always online together and a lot of us were closer with clan members than our own families.  After time like with most games we all ended up on Hiatus and gave up on MOHAA.  However, we've all kept in touch over the years and our bond is as strong now as it ever was.  So Welcome Back Everyone, glad to see the familiar faces.  Let's kick some ass!!!!

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