Current and Past -=[HSA]=- Members

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Current and Past -=[HSA]=- Members

Post by Doughboy on Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:23 pm

-=[HSA]=- Members

Listed below is anyone and everyone that has ever been or is currently an -=[HSA]=- Member:

Aldius -=[HSA]=-
Angela -=[HSA]=-
Arid Tag -=[HSA]=-
Beavis -=[HSA]=-
Big Floppy -=[HSA]=-
Bruce Dog -=[HSA]=-
Buddha -=[HSA]=-
Capt. Blind Mike -=[HSA]=-
Capt. Havoc -=[HSA]=-
Carnage -=[HSA]=-
Chief -=[HSA]=-
Clops -=[HSA]=- (Also known as Hammer -=[HSA]=-)
Clustered -=[HSA]=-
Cobra -=[HSA]=-
Cold Peppers -=[HSA]=- (Also known as Sweet Potatoes -=[HSA]=-)
Denuk -=[HSA]=-
Der Kraut -=[HSA]=-
Dial Up -=[HSA]=-
Doughboy -=[HSA]=-
Engel -=[HSA]=-
Erad -=[HSA]=-
Falcon -=[HSA]=-
Fallen -=[HSA]=-
Fate Ex -=[HSA]=-
Greiver -=[HSA]=-
Ghaul -=[HSA]=-
Ghost -=[HSA]=-
Guth -=[HSA]=-
Hennessy -=[HSA]=-
Ice -=[HSA]=-
Interceptor -=[HSA]=-
Itchy -=[HSA]=-
K-Mac -=[HSA]=- (Also known as Exile -=[HSA]=-)
Lt. Ledhead -=[HSA]=-
Mal -=[HSA]=-
Midnight Express -=[HSA]=-
Mookster -=[HSA]=-
Molson -=[HSA]=-
Morgan -=[HSA]=-
Mormegil -=[HSA]=-
Nabolius -=[HSA]=-
Natas -=[HSA]=-
Nitz -=[HSA]=-
OnoNotAgain -=[HSA]=-
Pvt. Camshaft -=[HSA]=-
Rotty -=[HSA]=-
Rush -=[HSA]=-
Scorpio -=[HSA]=-
Sexy Mez -=[HSA]=-
Slade -=[HSA]=-
Sgt. Splatter -=[HSA]=-
Tabasco -=[HSA]=-
Tall Texan -=[HSA]=-
Titan -=[HSA]=-
Viper -=[HSA]=-
Yoppers -=[HSA]=-

Honourary Members include:
Binary Bandit
and the rest of the {PIB} Paint It Black Boys !!


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